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The Grill II Elena and Caroline

Elena smiled as she look through her dresser to find something ‘suitable’ for this day. She looked through 5 pair of jeans she didn’t like, and 6 shirts she didn’t like. She found her new shirt she bought at “Forever 21” and it was a red tank top which she put on with her new jeans that were black. Elena let Jeremy know she was leaving the house to meet up with Caroline at “the Grill”. Elena walked out and walked to “the Grill” since she didn’t live too far away from it. She made her way safely to “the Grill” and she entered the place. She looked around and saw people she didn’t know. As the usual, Elena just took a seat and waited for Caroline to come. She took at seat by the door. That’s were they usually sit.She waited patiently for Caroline to show up.

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